Hi everyone,

I'm afraid BuyBrent has to stay closed until we can redesign the website and obtain a new payment company. In the meantime you can order my C1R DVDs and Fleshjack products from my website.

For my DVDs, click on the images above

For my Fleshjacks and those of many other
porn stars, click on the images above.

BuyBrent will re-open as soon as possible, so please check for news here, or on www.BrentEverett.com, as well as on my Blog.

Thanks for your patience guys,
Brent Everett

Please note: Because we've been getting a large amount of spam email at sales@buybrent.com, we've disabled this email address for the time being. To write to me about anything to do with BuyBrent, please write to Member Support at BrentEverett.com.